Tuesday, December 18,2018 01:49 PM

2015 Accomplishments

Emergency Protective Measures

Secured $291,000 from the EPA for Watershed Security Enhancements

Secured $250,000 from FEMA HMGP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program)

---totaling over $500,000 in new funding for emergency protective measures for FY2015

Super Storm Sandy FEMA Reimbursement

#2930--- $10,791.98
Debris Removal
Police Overtime
#1831--- $35,383.48
Emergency Sheltering
Fire Overtime

Only $28,060.17 total in FY 2014

$1,877,477.90 this year from Super Storm Reimbursement returned to the City Of Newark in FY 2015

Federal Funding

UASI (Urban Area Security Initiative) funding awarded to the City of Newark in the amount of:

  • $1,651,223.22 for Fiscal Year 2014
  • $1,921,196.00 for Fiscal Year 2015 (14% increase from previous year)

Specialty Items

The Office of Emergency Management has procured and used

  • Emergency Notification System (Swift Reach) City of Newark’s first reverse 911 emergency notification system
  • Amphibious Track Vehicle (performed over a dozen emergency rescues during Blizzard Jonas)

Community Outreach/Training

Distributed over one thousand smoke detectors to citizens during October 2015 Fire Prevention Month

  • Participated in over 1000 hours of emergency training for PD, FD, and OEM.
    • Newark OEM City Hall Evacuation Drill 5/22/15
    • Newark OEM Bakken Fuel Drill 9/8/15
Emergency Management Division

480 Clinton Avenue
Newark, NJ 07108
(973) 877-9259/9261